CREATE a Better 2024 with Just Physio!

Where are YOU heading in 2024? Just Physio is helping YOU to create a better 2024! We are dreaming big this year, and we want YOU to be part of it! The New Year brings us the opportunity to CREATE bigger, better, and exciting new things. Therefore, with great gratitude for all our loyal patients,…

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Why you should have Physiotherapy After Liposculpture

Liposculpture is an innovative technique that uses gentle ultrasound technology to remove unwanted fat. This procedure reshapes your body, giving you the slimmer contours you desire. Unlike traditional liposuction methods, Liposculpture is minimally invasive, meaning that you are not left with as much bruising, scarring, discomfort and pain. Liposculpture is performed by specialist aesthetic physicians.…

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Padle Sport │ Just Physio

The Fast-Growing Sport You Should Try Today Padel is no doubt the most popular sport at the moment. This new fast-paced racket sport is picking up steam all over the country. Many people are trying it out, and loving the physical and social benefits of the Padel.  Padel is a fusion between tennis and squash,…

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Comrades Run Tips: Expert Advice for Success

Expert Comrades Run Tips: The Power of Sports Massages Comrades Marathon

Are you ready for the upcoming Comrades? If you’re seeking valuable tips to optimize your performance and ensure a smooth and enjoyable run, as a physiotherapist, I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll provide you with expert Comrades run tips that will enhance your preparation and increase your chances of conquering the challenging 89…

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Starting to Exercise at Any Age

Why we all need to Exercise It’s never too late to start exercising. Exercise is vital at any age and holds numerous benefits for your mind and body. Spring time is here. The sun is rising earlier and the days are getting warmer.  Now is the perfect time to start moving or get back into…

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How to Perform and Thrive as a Hockey Player

Hockey Injuries

How do our South African Hockey players perform and thrive? The Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup took place in Spain and Netherlands in July, and our South African team was there! Prior to the tournament, one of our players, Bernadette (Bernie) Coston stated: “Our key focus is ourselves, how we need to perform, how we…

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How to Prevent and Treat Running Injuries

How to Prevent and Treat Common Running Injuries Every runner dreads an injury. It prevents you from doing the thing you love the most, and that is running! In this article you will learn about the 5 most common running injuries. You will also learn how to treat it and how to prevent future injuries.…

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Long Covid Rehabilitation

Covid-19 has been with us for over a year, and will be a part of lives for a long time to come. The impact that Covid-19 has on people experiencing ongoing symptoms beyond their acute infection is drawing increasing attention.

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