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What is neural tissue?

Neural tissue involves the nerves can that become irritated in many ways through trauma, inflammation, and infection at any point in its anatomical course. Scar tissue, tight muscles, and even joint structures can cause compression on nerves and surrounding neural structures. This irritation and compression may potentially cause nerve pain, which involves a sensation of deep, constant, burning, or aching pain. Ultimately, it may lead to movement restrictions.

What is neural mobility?

Neural mobility

Neural mobilisation is a gentle technique that decompresses tissues along the nerve path. It does not actually involve stretching the nerve itself, as excessive nerve stretching may cause nerve damage. It rather focuses on the pathway of the nerve as it runs among various bodily tissues, treating any restrictions along the way. The nervous system is a continuous system that relies on body movement to maintain a healthy and functional state.

What conditions respond well to Neural mobility?

Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, calf and hamstring injuries, back and neck pain or surgery, whiplash-associated disorders, wrist fractures, or carpal tunnel syndrome, may have neural tissue involvement and require neural mobilisation.

Initially, neural mobility may be used as a passive technique to desensitize the nerve, followed by active techniques that will be shown to you by your physiotherapist. This allows for a continuation of treatment and gradual recovery of full neural mobility.

Neural Mobilisation
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