Getting the most out of your running programme

Getting the most of your running programme



Running is a popular form of exercise in our community, and we treat many runners at Just Physio. Common running injuries we see in runners include ITB syndrome, ankle sprains, back pain and stress fractures. If you are a runner, we would like to give you the following advice to prevent injuries and get the best out of your running:

  • Warm up & cool down properly – 10 to 15min of light aerobic exercise & dynamic movements to prepare your body for training, then breath-work & stretching afterwards
  • Do strengthening  exercises – stronger muscles, especially of the core and hips, improve your endurance and explosive power
  • Also incorporate mobility exercises –muscles and connective tissue cannot work optimally when they are short and tight
  • Select the proper footwear & orthotics – get a professional to assess your feet & footwear, to advise you on how to improve foot and ankle support & minimise body imbalances
  • Strengthen your feet –foot strength and stability are crucial for running efficiency, it, enhances propulsion and speed & improves running economy
  • Listen to your body, it is your best teacher – increase training loads by no more than 10% per week and have 1 rest day per week
  • Consider cross-training – for 2 days in the week, incorporate swimming, cycling, Pilates, Yoga or other types of training into your routine to keep reduce strain on running muscles
  • Ensure proper nutrition & hydration – you can’t perform on an empty tank, eat nutritiously dense and colourful foods, increase your fluid intake during intense training & replenish your electrolytes
  • Consult your Physiotherapist regularly – prevention and maintenance is better than cure

We wish all the Comrades marathon participants the best of luck! If you are preparing for the Comrades marathon, Just Physio wants you to have the run of your life! Here are some tips on how to enhance your preparation and performance:

  • Stick to what you know – Avoid changing your shoes, clothing, or running style close to the event
  • Prioritize Sports Massages – To enhance recovery
  • Fuel your body the right way – Optimise your nutrition and hydration
  • Believe in Yourself – You’ve come a long way, you can do it!
  • Seek professional advice from your Physiotherapist if you have any niggles or injuries
  • Be cautious with medication

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