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About Just Physio

About JustPhysio

Just Physio is a physiotherapy practice situated in Pretoria East in the Faerie Glen and Silverlakes area. Our vision is to empower people towards healing! We understand that in the current economic crisis that people can’t pay thousands of rands on treatment. That is why we strongly believe in our vision of empowerment. We want to give you safe and effective tools for self management not only treat yourself but to also prevent injuries and enhance sport performance!

Our physiotherapists believe that every patient is unique; therefore we do a thorough first evaluation to ensure we don’t only treat the symptoms but also the cause of the problem. Our physio’s aim to get you better within 3- 5 sessions. During theses sessions we will share valuable advice and give you safe and effective self management tool. Our therapist keep up to date with the latest research to make sure that our treatments are not only relevant but also effective!

Our Team

Adrien Dannhauser

Owner and physiotherapist

Adrien graduated from The University of Pretoria with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (BPhyst) in 2008. She continued with post-graduate studies completing her SPORT1 diploma in 2014. Since qualifying Adrien has worked at various private practices around Pretoria, gaining over 10 years of clinical experience. In July 2017 she decided to start her own practice – JUST PHYSIO.

Adrien is a hands-on physio with a special interest in sports injuries. Being a sportsperson herself she understands that sportspeople need to get back to their sport as soon as possible. She believes that your treatment can only be as good as your diagnosis. You have to find the problem to help the patient. Treatment doesn’t stop in the room, so a home exercises program will always be given as part of the treatment. She uses a lot of massages, dry needling, strapping and manual therapy like Mulligan, McKenzie and Maitland techniques.

In her efforts to keep up with the latest treatment techniques and research, Adrien has completed the following courses:

Sport injury related course

  • BPhyst, University of Pretoria – 2008
  • SPORT diploma 1 (SPT1) – 2014
  • Douglas Heel Be Activated – Level 1 & 2 – Douglas Heel & Carel Winterboer – 2019
  • Cool New Concepts South Of The Lumbar – Tanya Bell – 2018
  • The Running Gait Analysis Course – Darren Dukes – 2016
  • The Running Injuries Course – Darren Dukes –2016
  • Building the Female Athlete – Babara Hoogenboom – 2016
  • Introduction to Dynamic Taping – Hi Tech Therapy – 2013
  • Introduction to Kinesiology Upper and Lower Limb – Jacqi Mc Cord – 2013
  • Biomechanical Factors in Cyclists – Tanya Bell – 2013
  • Hip pain – SASMA – 2013
  • Exercise Without Pain – Arie Michaeli 2013
  • The Ultimate Upper Quarter Course – Tanya Bell  – 2012
  • Balancing the Hip – Jo-Dee Pryce – 2011
  • Dry Needling (Optimal Dry Needling Solutions) Module 1,2,3, Anatomy & Exam -2010
  • Leukotape K, Neuro-proprioceptive Taping – 2010
  • Total Hip Replacement; pre, peri & post-operative treatment – Smith, Thorius & Odendaal Inc. – 2009
  • Leuko Strapping Workshop – 2007

Back and Neck pain courses

  • Mckenzie Part B (Cervical and Thoracic Spine) – Ian Grey – 2019
  • Low Back and Neck Pain Stratification Program – L Jacobs,S Dunbar – 2018
  • Advanced Myofacial Release Course – Ruth Duncan – 2018
  • Myofacial Activated Posture – introductory course – 2017
  • Cervicogenic Headache and TM dysfunction assessment and management- Ina Diener – 2016
  • Exercise and Manual Therapy for the TMJ – Correspondence Course – 2016
  • Rehabilitation of Thoracic Spine Disorders – Jo-dee Pryce – 2015
  • Mckenzie Part A (Lumbar Spine) – Grant Watson – 2015
  • Spinal Manipulation Course (Gr5) – Neil Bowler 2012
  • The Integrated Manual Therapy – Lumbar Spine – Dr Toby Hall – 2012
  • Mulligan Concept – Lower Quarter Course – Geoff Foat – 2012
  • Mulligan Concepts – Upper Quarter Course – Geoff Foat – 2011

Other courses

  • Be Prepared for the POPI Act implementation – SASP – 2018
  • Facebook Master Marketing – -Neil Malan – 2018
  • Creative Marketing – R v WYk, M du Plooy – 2017
  • How to start your own practice – Wilma Erasmus – 2016
  • Ethical challenges in the 21st century, part 1 – Correspondence Course – 2016
  • Ethical Coding – evening lecture – Wilma Erasmus – 2016
  • Managing the COPD patient – Jodi Wolmer – 2015
  • Medical Law and Ethics Course – 2013
  • Emergency Care Education (BLS) – (American Heart Association) – 2013
  • Ethical dilemmas and module for decision making -Jeanette Loots, Janine Botha-2011
  • Practical solutions to ethical dilemmas – Jeanette Loots, Janine Botha – 2011
  • Basic Seating Course: presented by ShonaQuip at the CHBH CP Clinic – 2009
Marelize Grobler


I am extremely fortunate to be a part of Just Physio. I qualified in 2014 from the University of Pretoria. I have over 6 years of clinical experience in both hospital and out-patient settings, and still enjoy both. I love the great variety of conditions that I am able to treat, as this expands my knowledge and expertise even more. I have a great passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

My goal in my profession is to help every single patient to understand their condition, whatever it may be, as well as (as our mission here at Just Physio states), I strive to empower my patients toward healing by guiding them through the process thereof. Also, I strive to provide the best evidence-based treatment for each individual according to their specific needs.

I find my work is extremely rewarding. Not only because I can make a difference in my patients’ lives but because I gain a lot from them in return.

Marelize has completed the following courses:

Back and neck and Sport courses

  • Post natal Physiotherapy. What to keep in mind – 2020
  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy – 2019
  • Bike Setup – 2019
  • Joint dysfunction assessment and treatment – 2019
  • Masterclas upper & Lower Quadrant Patient – 2018
  • Myofacial Activated posture (MAP) Introduction – 2017
  • Low Back pain Stratification program – 2017
  • Mythbusting the Mckenzie Method – 2016
  • CLX Course – Consecutive loops – 2016

COVID and Lung treatment courses

  • Bradcliff Method – 2021
  • How COVID-19 may trigger persistent pain – 2021
  • Physio In COVID – 2020
  • COVID Update – 2020
  • Physio in COVID Q&A – 2020
  • Physiotherapy Management of Respiratory Condition – 2016

Other courses

  • Basic Physiotherapy coding – 2016
  • Private sector Physiofocus Symposium – 2018
  • Access to pain management – A human right – 2018
  • SASP Congress – Sept 2018
  • An insight into pathology microbiology testing for samples relevant to physiotherapy – 2019
  • Ethic in Manual therapy – 2021
Jana Volschenk

Jana Kirchner

I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2021, with B.Physiotherapy. I am very passionate about Physiotherapy and helping people get the best evidence-based treatment. I have done multiple courses to upskill myself. I enjoy working with all people, building good relationships and helping them get the best outcomes.

I aim to involve my patients as much as possible during treatment, giving them a sense of independence. Good communication with my patients is something I proud myself in. I put effort into helping my patients understand their pain and condition. Educating my patients to understand what the plan and goal are, is very important to me.

I have the skills and enjoy treating all Out-Patients. However, I have a special interest in all types of Sports, Back pain (Neck and Lower back) and Musculoskeletal patients. I did Sport from Primary school until Varsity. I have a big passion for helping people get to the next level in life, to improve their way of living. From sports performance to getting out of bed pain-free. I am a hands-on Physiotherapist and will not only treat your pain but work toward long-term rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Back and neck and Sport courses

  • McKenzie Lumbar Spine - Ian Grey - 2022
  • Athletic strapping and Kinesio tape - Colin Hill - 2022
  • ODNS Optimal Dry Needling Level 1 - Bruce Barker - 2022
  • BSE Pilates Teacher Training - Josie Mckenlay - 2022
  • Chronic pain management for the Allied Healthcare Professional - Medtalkz - 2022
  • Nonsurgical ingervention pain management of the spine - Medtalkz - 2022
  • Back pain and cauda equina - Mind the Bleep - 2022

COVID and Lung treatment courses

  • Long Covid - Medtalkz - 2022

Other courses

  • Ethics in the public service - 2022
  • Hi-Tech therapy equipment course - 2022
  • NHI: Where to now - Medtalkz - 2022
Ronel Venter

Ronel Venter
Client & Admin Officer Faerie Glen

For any queries regarding appointments and accounts please contact her via email admin@justphysio.co.za.

Ella Engelbrecht

Ella Engelbrecht
Admin Officer Silverlakes

For any queries regarding appointments and accounts please contact her via email admin@justphysio.co.za.