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What is the Be Activated treatment system?

Be Activated system is a powerful new understanding of the body. Douglas Heel developed this amazing treatment technique that is used around the world. Therefore, it is used effectively with a wide scope of clients including children, the elderly, social and elite sportsmen, businessmen, and office workers.

When we think about optimal movement in the human body it should happen from the inside out – starting with the core. But most of us don’t use our core muscles as we should, and we then adopt a compensation pattern. The movement then starts from the outside in, and the result is an imploded state that leads to loss of balance also overloaded muscles, more pain, and poor mental ability.

Be Activated helps to first identify what type of compensation patterns we do. This allows us to very accurately predict the injury risk areas for athletes.

The Be Activated system is built on three easy principles

  • Intentional diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the core and balances the nervous system, preparing body and mind for better performance.
  • Fascia release techniques re-activates core muscles like the gluteal and psoas muscle, returning the body to its ideal “inside-out” sequence of movement.
  • Releasing/stimulating neural lymphatic points

The changes are immediate, and the results are measurable. And the best of everything is you can learn how to do it yourself!

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