Are you struggling with back pain?

Are you struggling to figure out who to consult first?

Back pain can be a very disabling condition and it is a common problem our modern society faces. It is sometimes difficult to know who you must consult first about your back pain. Do you go to the doctor, the physio, the chiro, the biokineticist or do you just go for a massage at your local beautician? Just Physio offers a quick and FREE solution if you are unsure where and who you should consult about your back pain.

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There are many things that can cause low back pain but some of the common causes include:

Posture at work

Herniated disks

Pinched nerve

Narrowing in the spinal canal (stenosis)

Bony spur on the spine


Muscle spasm in your buttock or back muscles

Reading all about medical terms and possible causes of back pain can be daunting if you have no background in the medical field. That is why we at Just Physio want to make it a little bit easier.

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Back pain may go away on its own but if the pain does not get better you may want to go and see a physiotherapist or another healthcare provider.

Physiotherapists are very good at treating low back pain and it is always the first treatment option to try and prevent surgery. The sooner you get to a physio the better. Your physiotherapist will first do a subjective evaluation to determine what the onset and severity of your pain are.

Thereafter a series of tests will help show where the problem is. Treatment like massage, fascia release, joint mobilization, dry needling, and exercises are just some of the very effective techniques we use to relieve back pain.


Severe weakness or numbness down your leg, that cause you to fall

Loss of bladder or bowel control

Loss of sensation around the bladder area

Severe pain that makes you feel sick

Severe night pain that keeps you awake

Pins and needles in both legs at the same time

The above symptoms could be an indication that there is something serious wrong like compression on the cord. Surgery is normally indicated to prevent permanent damage to the nerve. Surgeons can remove the bone spur or the portion of the herniated disk that’s pressing on the pinched nerve.

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Back Pain Questionnaire

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    How long have you had back pain?
    What originally caused your pain?
    Where do you experience the most pain?
    Experience pins and needles or numbness in your arms or legs?

    Do your arms or legs feel heavy or weak? What makes your pain worse? When is your pain better / at its minimum?
    Experience muscle stiffness or spasms in the affected areas? When is your pain at its worse? How did your pain start and develop?

    Since the first onset of pain, is it improving, unchanged or becoming worse?
    Have you consulted a healthcare practitioner for your pain (please select all that apply)?

    Have you had any of the following tests done to investigate your pain?
    Please rate your current pain level from 0 to 10, where: 0 = no pain 10 = worst pain possible

    Are your daily activities affected because of the pain?
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    About Just Physio

    Just Physio is a physiotherapy practice situated in Pretoria East in the Faerie Glen area. Our therapists have over 20 years of combined experience. All have studied further into either Sport, Manual therapy like Maitland and Mulligan (well-known back pain treatment modalities) and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest research and techniques to help you in the best way possible.

    Our vision is to empower people towards healing! We understand that in the current economic crisis people can’t pay thousands of rands for treatment. That is why we strongly believe in our vision of empowerment. We want to give you safe and effective tools for self-management not only to treat yourself but to also prevent injuries and enhance sports performance!

    Our physiotherapists believe that every patient is unique; therefore, we do a thorough first evaluation to ensure we don’t only treat the symptoms but also the cause of the problem. Our physio’s aim is to get you better within 3- 5 sessions. Although for more complicated cases it may take a little more time. During these sessions, we will share valuable advice and give you safe and effective self-management tools. Our therapist keeps up to date with the latest research to make sure that our treatments are not only relevant but also effective!

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