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How To Improve Your Golf Swing

How to improve your golf swing -Tips From A Physio   To celebrate the Golf Masters that recently took place, we would like to provide you with some tips and advice about how to improve your golf swing. The quality of your golf swing is probably the most important factor affecting your performance on the…

How to Prevent and Treat Running Injuries

How to Prevent and Treat Common Running Injuries Every runner dreads an injury. It prevents you from doing the thing you love the most, and that is running! In this article you will learn about the 5 most common running injuries. You will also learn how to treat it and how to prevent future injuries.…

Rugby – Common Injuries, Physiotherapy Management & Prevention

Rugby – Most Common Injuries seen by Physiotherapists Rugby is a contact team sport, renowned for its action-packed and tough nature. The impacts that the bodies of rugby players are exposed to are immense. Powerful bodily contact is made during tackles, mauling, rucks and scrums, and players frequently collide with each other or with the…

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

Expecting a little baby is the biggest blessing a woman can receive, but being pregnant is not always the most glamourous experience.

Neck Pain in Children

Neck pain is a common public health concern that has been studied extensively in adults. Minimal studies have been done on neck pain in children and/or adolescents.

How to manage your headache

Headaches comprise one of the most common pain conditions worldwide and are a common cause for visits to medical practitioners and physiotherapists.

What type of Exercise is the Best Exercise? How do you start?

We often have patients asking us what type of exercise is the best exercise. The answer is really simple.

Long Covid Rehabilitation

Covid-19 has been with us for over a year, and will be a part of lives for a long time to come. The impact that Covid-19 has on people experiencing ongoing symptoms beyond their acute infection is drawing increasing attention.

What makes the female athlete different?

To celebrate woman’s month, we decided to do an article on what makes the female athlete different and how we can build her up to become stronger and more resilient.

The Power of Breathing Well

How amazing is your body? To perform such a vital function such as breathing, without you even having to think about it? Correct breathing is the key to solve many problems.

How to recover from “Long COVID”

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned life as we know it upside down and doctors, therapist and scientist have worked around the clock to figure out how this virus works and what the long term side effects of COVID are.

How to treat you Cough during COVID -19

With the COVID 19 virus doing it’s rounds we thought it would be helpful to give you a few practical ideas that you can do at home to treat your cough if you get sick with COVID 19. These tips and advice are not just good for when you have Corona but it will also help for any other lung issue associated with viruses and your common colds.

How to set up your workstation.

Today we are going to discuss how to set up your workstation at work or home. We will also give you 7 exercises that you can do at your desk. The wrong workstation setup can cause a lot of neck pain and low back pain.

How Effective Is Physiotherapy In Telehealth?

Can physiotherapy really work in Telehealth? This is a question that is on everyone's mind when they first hear about Telehealth and Physiotherapy. While traditional physio consists of hands-on treatment like massage, dry needling and spinal mobilization

What is sciatica? How to treat and prevent it?

Sciatica pain is a very common injury to get. Pain normally occurs when there is compression on the sciatic nerve. Pain is usually only on the one side of the body, and it can start in the low back and refer all the way down your toes.

Ankle Sprain – Step by step Treatment Guide

Spraining an ankle can be very painful. Ankle sprains is one of the most common sport injuries. According to Brunker and Khan Sport medicine it is ranked the number one sport injury in 24 different types of sports.
back pain

Neck And Mid Back Exercises

Are you struggling with neck and mid back pain? In this four short videos we show you some nice easy stretches and exercises to do. At some point during our lives most of us will experience neck pain.

Do you want to strengthen your core muscles?

We always read in health magazine and studies that we need to train and use our core muscles to prevent and cure our injuries. In this article you will learn what the core muscles actually are, how you can start to strengthen it through the 'Be Activated System'!

Common Causes of Neck Pain – Learn 5 Management Strategies!

In this article we will discuss the common causes of neck pain. We will also give you 5 management strategies that you can start to implement today. At some point during our lives most of us will experience neck pain.

Unveiling The Truth About Pain

Pain is a subject that has been studied and questioned from very early on, and as a result different theories have evolved to explain the concept of pain. In this article we be will unveiling the truth about pain and why individuals experience pain differently.

5 Common Causes Of Low Back Pain in Cross Fit Athletes

In this video I talk about the five common causes of low back pain experienced by CrossFit athletes, weightlifters and cyclist. I also give some advice on how to treat and manage the pain.

Drain your sinuses before it drains you

We are all familiar with coughs and sneezes during the winter months. Is it just a flu? Or are you struggling with sinusitis and might not even be aware of it? This article will help you to get familiar with sinusitis and know how to treat it.