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How a Physiotherapist Can Help Your Child’s Recovery – Essential Insights

Physiotherapy for Children in Pretoria can be a valuable source of support for mothers during the season when everyone’s health is affected. As mothers find themselves dealing with the added stress of caring for sick babies and children, the over-reliance on antibiotics and the burden of frequent visits to the paediatrician can be concerning, both financially and emotionally. However, physiotherapists are well aware of the challenges you face and are ready to offer essential assistance in facilitating your little one’s recovery.

Physiotherapy for Children in Pretoria
Mother struggling with sick child/baby

Building a Strong Immune System

Babies are particularly susceptible to illness due to their developing immune systems. Furthermore, their inability to cough up mucus from their lungs adds to the problem. This accumulation of mucus leads to difficulties in feeding, breathing, and sleeping. This is where physiotherapists come in, offering their expertise and assistance.

Chest Physiotherapy for Children

During chest physiotherapy sessions, our experienced practitioners begin by carefully examining your child’s lungs. We identify areas of mucus build-up and assess air entry. Once the evaluation is complete, we commence treatment, which involves various effective techniques.

Baby being Nebulized. Just Physio Physiotherapy for Children in Pretoria
Baby being nebulized


To loosen mucus, we utilize a specialized machine that allows your child to inhale saline. Simultaneously, we position your child in specific ways that aid in mucus drainage. For example, if the mucus is predominantly on the right side, your child will lie on their left side. Percussions and vibrations are administered during this process.

Percussions and Vibrations

By rhythmically cupping our hands on the child’s chest, we stimulate a cough reflex, creating an opportunity for the child to expel mucus. Vibrations, facilitated by a Vibromat device, effectively loosen mucus through gentle lung vibrations. These techniques are equally beneficial for adults. Additionally, we employ a Rhino flow machine at our practice to spray saline directly into the nose, clearing mucus blockages.

Suctioning for Babies Under 18 Months

As babies cannot expel mucus themselves, suctioning becomes necessary. This procedure involves inserting a small tube through the baby’s nose into the airways, applying gentle vacuum pressure to remove mucus. Typically, this technique takes only five minutes to complete.

Breathing exercises, mother and child. Just Physio Physiotherapy for Children in Pretoria
Breathing exercises, mother and child

Breathing Exercises for Long-Term Benefits

In our commitment to your child’s well-being, we incorporate breathing exercises into the treatment plan. These exercises focus on activating the diaphragm, the primary breathing muscle. One such exercise involves using a blow bottle to blow bubbles, which effectively loosens mucus and strengthens the diaphragm.

Significant Improvement in Your Child’s Well-Being

By combining these specialized techniques, we can make a remarkable difference in how your child feels and recovers. They will experience faster healing, alleviating your concerns as a mother or caregiver. Regain a sense of empowerment over your child’s recovery by seeking the assistance of a physiotherapist.

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